Air Conditioner Repair

AC Service Calgary - Why AirFlex?

We offer the best air conditioning services in Calgary at competitive prices, and ensure your AC service and AC repairs are done quickly and effectively.

We also offer 1-year AC repair Calgary warranty on parts and labor

Our Calgary HVAC technicians are fully licensed and have 15+ years of experience in the industry. We provide Calgary AC service and Calgary AC repair of any make and model, including all well-known brands such as Lennox, Carrier, Trane, Daikin, Amana, Goodman and York.

Professional Ac Service in Calgary

AC Service Calgary - What To Expect?

When your air conditioning system is not operating properly and in need of AC service in Calgary or AC repair in Calgary, contact AirFlex. One of our professional HVAC technicians will come to diagnose the AC service issue.

We will then quote you before starting any air conditioning repair service. However, if you decide not to proceed with AC service repair, then we will only charge you the service call fee of $129 + GST.

Air Conditioner Repair Service

When it's stifling hot outside and your Calgary air conditioner is not cooling properly or stopped operating completely, then one thing on your mind is to get the AC fixed as soon as possible. Not many companies are ready to come the same day for Calgary air conditioner service and repair.

We are different at AirFlex, because we will try our best to come and repair your air conditioner in Calgary the same day, so that you can enjoy the summer the way it should be enjoyed with cool and clean air coming out from your Calgary air conditioner. This is one of many reasons why AirFlex is one of the best HVAC companies in Calgary by Google reviews.

AC Repair Calgary - Troubleshooting Tips

In case air conditioning in your Calgary home underperforms or have failed completely, there are some options to avoid calling one of the top-rated HVAC companies on Google like AirFlex, and save $129 + GST on AC service call fee. 

Did you know that you can take some basic steps to safely perform AC repair service in your Calgary home on your own?

AC Repair Calgary - AC Does Not Turn On

  • Make sure your thermostat is in a Cool Mode and the AC set temperature is 3-5 degrees below the ambient temperature.
  • Go outside and see if the disconnect switch is turned on. It is located by the AC condenser in a small compartment.
  • Lastly, check your breaker panel to see if it's not tripped. If you don't know where the breaker panel is, or how to find the correct breaker for your air conditioner to switch it on, then it's better to contact AirFlex - one of the top HVAC companies in Calgary.

AC Repair Calgary - Uneven Temperature in the House

If you feel like your Calgary home gets colder air on the main floor, but it still feels hot on upper floors, and the air is not blowing as strong as it should, then there are a few checks that you can do that may help fix the issue with your Calgary air conditioner:

  • Make sure air conditioning filter is not clogged. It is always best to replace the AC filter before the start of a cooling season.
  • It is also recommended to use air conditioning filters with good air flow. As strange as it may sound, but these are the filters that are usually cheap builder grade AC filters. Since they are low density, you can physically see through these air conditioning filters and the resulting air flow is a lot better.
  • Last, but not least, close all your air vents in the basement, or in the areas where the cold air from air conditioner is not really needed in your Calgary home like unoccupied rooms or bathrooms.

AC Repair Calgary - Other AC Issues

If you performed the above steps and have air conditioning issues described below?

  • AC is not blowing cold air
  • AC is leaking
  • AC is making strange noises

Then it's best to contact AirFlex - one of the best HVAC companies in Calgary. And, please, don't wait until it gets worse because if you leave it as is, you may have to replace the whole air conditioning unit which will cost you thousands of dollars.

We don't want that, do we?

But if the air conditioner in your Calgary home is not cooling properly, consumes a lot of energy and generates high monthly bills because of the age, then it may be the time to just simply replace your air conditioning unit.

Contact AirFlex - Calgary HVAC professionals, and our licensed and knowledgeable technicians will advise you with the right course of action. We will you give you the upfront cost before dwelling into any AC repairs.

From Calgary Air Conditioner Service and Calgary Air Conditioner Repair to helping fight plastic pollution of our planet

Our Green Initiative

At AirFlex we care about the sustainable future and we believe that one of the biggest challenges facing our planet is enormous plastic pollution. That's why the best HVAC company in Calgary called AirFlex decided to go a little further than just providing our residents with the best air conditioning service and the best air conditioning repair.

We decided to funnel some of our profits to companies developing the solution to fight climate change to give us a better future. One area we focus on is promoting plastic-free alterntives and helping companies on this path to succeed. 

AirFlex gives out 10% of its profits to green initiatives to help fight plastic pollution of our planet.

By providing air conditioner service in Calgary and air conditioner repair in Calgary, and re-investing part of this money to promote a better environment not only in our home, but also outside our home, is something that we would like to be a part of.

At AirFlex, we believe that 100% compostable and fully biodegradable plastic products is one alternative that can lead the way in phasing out fossil fuel-based polluting plastic that still proliferates in our society. 

Our valued customers can not only benefit from the best Calgary AC service and best Calgary AC repair that AirFlex always provides, but also from a small green initiative that can benefit generations to come including our children and grand children.

Contact AirFlex Heating & Air Conditioning to have your Calgary air conditioner checked out by pros knowing that some of the profits from the A/C service and A/C repair will go to a very useful purpose to help fight for our brighter future.

At AirFlex we believe that together we can do it!


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