If you're one of the lucky few with an air conditioning unit, good decision, Calgary summer of 2021 is said to be the hottest one yet! Your home relies on proper functioning equipment for the temperature to remain consistent. Filters are essential to keep your AC unit and furnace functioning properly.

Apart from keeping your air clean, furnace and AC filters also impact airflow. Having unbalanced air circulation can cause some areas of your home to be cool while other areas stay warm. Without good airflow, your unit will need to work harder, which can quickly deteriorate your air conditioning unit. This is why you need the right type of air filter for your AC unit to promote better airflow and efficiency.

Filters come in a variety of types. Before making a choice, it is important to understand the filter specs. All air filters you purchase will come with a grade; the most common measurement you will find is the MERV(Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating scale. The higher the rating, the smaller the particles the air filter will capture. Keep in mind, as the MERV rating increases, the more energy it will take to push air through it. 

Types of air filters.

Fibreglass air filters are the most common types of filters used by builders in HVAC industry. These air filters are inexpensive but require to be replaced monthly. Air flows easily through these air filters helping capture dust and lint to prevent them from flowing into the air. 

Pleated air filters are made from material that is tighter than fibreglass filters. They can capture dust, debris, pet dander and lint depending on the MERV rating. These filters are more expensive than fibergass filters and are usually made to be disposable or washable.

Electrostatic air filters are considered the top-of-the-line product. The static charge attracts and traps dust, debris, and tiny particles similar to a magnet. These can be purchased as disposable or washable filters.

What type of filter should you use?

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When it comes to filters, we believe that using a cheaper fiberglass filter in summer is your best bet because it creates better airflow and prevents your AC coil from freezing up. While they do not filter out allergens as efficiently as more expensive pleated or electrostatic filters, cheap fibreglass filters do still stop dust and debris particles, keeping your system clean and running smoothly. On the other hand, higher MERV filters add more resistance to airflow causing stress on the blower motor and making your system more expensive to operate. This will also impact the refrigeration in the evaporator coil, which may cause the coil to ice over and the AC to stop cooling.

Whether you decide on fibreglass, pleated or electrstatic filter, it is crucial that you change your air filters regularly to prevent clogging and to ensure your system is working efficiently and smoothly. For more information on what filter you should use, contact us at Airflex. Our experts will answer any questions you have.