There is some confusion with consumers in the marketplace about Lennox and Ducane HVAC brands. Lennox is better known than Ducane, and they both manufacture furnaces and air conditioners. But they do share many things in common.

You may very well remember The Bay and Zellers. Zellers was The Bay’s economy brand, designed for price-conscious consumers. In short, Ducane is Lennox’s economy brand. Lennox is the premium brand, and Ducane is in the same company line-up as the economy brand for more price-conscious consumers. But let's dive deeper into them to see what they have to offer.


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Lennox manufactures some of the best AFUE-rated furnaces and SEER-rated air conditioners on the market. Lennox achieves the highest ratings on the Most Efficient list by Energy Star. Lennox equipment primarily requires furnace installation and AC installation by certified Lennox contractors to maintain the premium performance and reputation. 

Consumers choose Lennox brand equipment when:

  • They need one of the best-performing equipment available on the market
  • Their property is in a high-end neighbourhood with an expectation of a premium brand
  • The additional features available on a Lennox system appeal to them or will appeal to a home buyer to increase the value of the property
  • They are looking for an extremely quiet, efficient, and reliable furnace or AC unit
  • They seek a top-of-the-line furnace models with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating above 96 AFUE
  • Their choice model AC unit would have a higher than 16 SEER rating
  • They have an adequate budget



Ducane also manufactures both furnaces and air conditioners and is a subsidiary of Lennox’s division. As Lennox’s economy product line, you may wonder if a Ducane unit is good enough for your home. In fact, Ducane products are very well priced for the quality of the equipment they offer with a solid entry or mid-level choice for price-conscious consumers.

Ducane is less known than Lennox, so some consumers hesitate to install a brand they don’t know. But both Lennox and Ducane are made in the same factory, with the same standards and they share many of the same components. Therefore, it wouldn't be right to say that Ducane is inferior to Lennox, but it's definitely way cheaper, at times 50% cheaper, and Ducane comes with the same 10-year warranty as Lennox. That's why for the majority of Calgarians, Ducane is frequently a lot more practical.

Consumers choose Ducane brand equipment when:

  • They need solid equipment for a reasonable price
  • Their property is in a neighbourhood with an expectation for practical equipment
  • There is no expectation for “bells and whistles” in their system
  • A furnace with a 95% - 96% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) Energy Star rating is practical for their home
  • They seek an AC system with a 16 SEER or lower
  • They prefer to work within a lower budget than the Lennox system would otherwise require

What you need to know about Lennox and Ducane Brands

So, hopefully, the confusion has lifted as Lennox and Ducane are manufactured by the same company, but at different price points and with different features. These two brands may sound different for all intents and purposes, but on the inside they are quite similar.

In Summary

At Airflex, we start with a comprehensive analysis of your property and your needs. Our technician asks about your goals before making any recommendations. So, as a consumer, what you need to know about Lennox and Ducane brands is primarily just that these are options for your home comfort. Our expert technicians will provide a recommendation based on their knowledge of the equipment, the features available, and what will work best for you and your home.

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