As cold as it gets here in Calgary in the winter, summer gets just as hot! As the temperatures start rising, it’s time to consider how to make your home cool and comfortable. With many AC options available, it gets overwhelming to learn about all the ins and outs. One important factor to consider is the AC efficiency level - its benefits and limitations.

With current concerns and awareness about energy conservation, there is a lot of hype suggesting homeowners install the most energy-efficient air conditioning system. But will a high-efficiency air conditioning unit make it a worthwhile investment? Or will it make your home signifacantly more comfortable in the summer in Calgary?

What is the Efficiency Level of AC?

Air conditioner efficiency is measured using the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. (SEER). This mathematical formula compares the cooling capacity to the amount of power the unit uses. It is sort of like a kilometers per liter (or miles per gallon) measure for an AC system. The higher the rating, the greater the efficiency.  

Basically, older air conditioners are less efficient. Some is because they get tired with regular wear and tear, and the grime that builds up over time. Also, advances in technology have made it possible to build higher-efficiency air conditioning systems.

Central air conditioners are covered by the Canadian federal Energy Efficiency Regulations. The minimum SEER standard for air conditioners in Canada is 13, but most modern units have a rating between 13 and 21. Units with a SEER rating of 14.5 or more have the Energy Star designation, which can save up to 20% on your utilities.

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AC Efficiency Benefits

The main reason a higher efficiency AC outperforms an older low-efficiency unit is because of the variable compressors. The compressor controls the flow of the refrigerant and the airflow through the system), and maintaining the optimal control is essential for greater performance, among other benefits of having a high-efficiency AC in Calgary.

  • Less Expensive to Run

    Power bills are significantly lower
  • Optimal Air Flow Speed

    AC air flow runs on a low setting for best performance and efficiency
  • Better Filtration

    The air circulating in your home is cleaner because your system constantly runs on a low speed capturing more dirt with your AC system air filter, as well as lowering wear and tear
  • Sound Reduction

    Significantly lower sound levels, especially with a compressor sound blanket and an upgrade in fan blades
  • Continuous Blower

    More stable air circulation, without annoying on/off cycles, regulates humidity and reduces random cold air bursts. Less wear and tear reduces the risk of early breakdown

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Airflex focuses on LENNOX and DUCANE air conditioner installations in Calgary. Our expert installers can bring you all the benefits of a new, high-efficiency A/C system, no matter your budget.

AC Efficiency Limitations

A high-efficiency AC system sounds perfect, and it is pretty close. The one limitation that may cause hesitation is the upfront cost. They do cost more in the short term, but high-efficiency ACs pay for themselves in many ways.

  • Lower Maintenance Cost
  • Last Longer
  • Use Less Electricity

Making the decision to replace an older system, or install an AC system for the first time, means thinking through the answers to some questions. How long do you plan to live in your home? What savings will you see on your power bill? How much is the comfort of you and your family worth this (and future) summers?

At Airflex, we work together with you to create a comfortable space for your family. So, if you are looking forward to everything about a Calgary summer except for how hot it will be at home, contact us at Airflex. Our experts will answer any questions you have.